Currently we are not accepting new private Physical Therapy clients.

Therapy & Sport Services

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Sport Specific

Conditioning & Injury Prevention

  •  Collaborating with your coach and your doctor, we analyze your movements during play
  • Applying our extensive knowledge of the demands of sport & the development of kids to getting your child back into athletic competition
  • Customizing rehabilitation and sports specific strength & conditioning programs for young athletes.


Specifically for: Cheerleaders* Dancers* Figure Skaters * Gymnasts * Runners* Baseball & Softball Players* Swimmers and more

Physical Therapy

  • Helping with all your motor needs.
  • Specializing in Pediatric, Developmental& Orthopedic therapy as well as Sports therapy specifically for kids
  • We are MO FIRST STEPS providers & early intervention specialists.
  • Coming to you to provide one on one customized therapy for your child & family. 
  • Adapting exercises to every child's ability & motivating with play, to reach the next level.
  • Coaching you through the rehabilitation process & giving you the tools for prevention.

Helping kids with: * Tortocollis/Scoliosis* Sprains/ Strains* Cerebral Palsy/ Hemiplegia * Toe Walker/Abnormal Gait * Low Tone/Hypotonia *Developmental Delay* Hypermobility/Clumsy Child* Sensory Disorders and more

*Currently we are an out of network provider for all insurance companies.